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Istarth 08-06-2019 08:39 PM

Random color is not random at all
Hi !!

When I use effects with "random color" it is not random..... is clearly a sequence it only use like 6 colours more or less.... no more.... is this a bug ? can I change something to get real random ?

By the way.... is rgb corsair devices real rgb ? or can only create a small number of colours ?

Thanks !!

Istarth 08-25-2019 11:46 AM

No info about this :( ?

c-attack 08-25-2019 09:28 PM

Yes, it cycles between the 6 "rainbow colors" that are the various combinations of 255 and 0 for each R-G-B value. The order of the 6 is random.

Red, green, blue values 0-255. That's 16,777,216 million colors, although most are going to be too similar to differentiate (255, 100, 100 vs 255, 100, 99).

A large number of those 16 million colors are not overly exciting from a visual perspective. 100,000 different tinted whites are not very desirable. The six primary colors are bright, distinctive, and have a maximum hue. If you wish to program a series of washed out, ultra dark, or over-saturated whites, you can. You only need to program it into your wave/ripple/static framework.

Istarth 08-31-2019 11:35 AM

Then, it is clear not rgb "random color" since just 6 from 16 million... should be Rainbow Random Colour for example.... but not random color.... Well... maybe there are a lot of colours that are no so "cool" but of course much more than 6...

Effects should be "playing" with all the full power of rgb.... to create a really cool experience....

Anyway thank's for the answer !!!

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