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srizla 07-18-2019 03:06 PM

500D SE Vertical GPU Slots Filled In?
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The slots for the vertical mount on my 500D SE case are filled in with objects that are solid instead of having holes in them as the horizontal slots do. The objects don't seem to be removable either. They have no screws attached. I've tried pushing and pulling them hoping to pop them out. To no avail. For all intents and purposes they seem to be part of the case.

Are these slots filled in to disable vertical mounting? If not, how can I remove them?

I'd rather not get a brand new case just to vertically mount my GPU.

JonKrmr 07-18-2019 05:20 PM

They do come out. Take a flat blade screw driver and put it in the slot/hole in each one and twist it to pop them out.

That is what I did on mine.

You can replace them with proper cover plates that match the other I/O slot covers if you are not going to use a vertical GPU mount.

srizla 07-20-2019 01:16 AM

Thank you very much. I'll proceed with confidence in that case. Pun intended.

How/did you anchor the riser to the PSU cover?
If not, are there possible issues attaching it only to the slots?

JonKrmr 07-20-2019 09:55 AM

I am not using the vertical GPU mount. I just did not like the look of the original blank cover plates and swapped them out for two that matched the other I/O plates.

The riser does not mount to the PSU shroud on this case, it just locks to the PCIe finger on the GPU.

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