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MackenzieLecler 05-05-2019 02:12 PM

RGB Fans and CPU Cooling Unit Setup

I'll avoid telling my life story and keep it to just: I'm building a new PC.

Here are all my RGB Corsair Parts:

H115i 280mm RGB Platinum CPU Cooler

LL120 120mm RGB Fan (x2 or x3, which ever turns out to be a better deal)

Vengeance Pro RGB 2X8GB Ram

K55 RGB Keyboard

M65 Pro RGB Mouse

Void Pro RGB Gaming Headset

What will I need to sync all these up, will I need both the Commander and the Lighting Node or multiple Lighting Nodes or neither?

I am relatively new to RGB and struggling to figure out what I need to get all these components sync-ed up with eachother.

Also, what would be the better way to buy all needed components, should I buy the lighting node and commander pro individually or buy the 3-pack LL120 that comes with the Lighting node?

Johnny_B500 05-05-2019 02:25 PM

All the information you require is covered in the RGB Hardware Guide/FAQ.

As far as RGB setup, all you would need is a 3 pack of LL fans which include the fans, Lighting Node Pro and RGB Hub. If you want to control your fan speed(s) via iCUE, then a Commander Pro would also be required.

See Guide/FAQ link below (scroll down for wiring diagrams):

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