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patrikor 10-12-2019 12:35 PM

Corsair CMDAF2 and Commander Pro - which type of lighting device?
Hi all, I hope I'm posting this in the right place.

I've ordered a Corsair Dominator Platinum Airflow RGB LED Memory Fan (CMDAF2) and I want to control the lighting using one of the lighting channels on my Commander Pro. (I know it comes with a lighting node pro, but I'd rather just use the Commander Pro and not install additional hardware.)

My question is, which type of lighting device is this? I have the following options to choose from in the iCUE software:
  1. RGB light strip (no)
  2. HD RGB series fans
  3. SP RGB series fans
  4. SP RGB Pro series fans
  5. LL RGB series fans
  6. ML RGB series fans (thinking no because these fans have a bearing)
  7. HydroX series (no)

I guess I could just try all the available settings, but does anyone know offhand which lighting type is correct?


c-attack 10-13-2019 05:03 PM

iCUE works on a "LED count system". If there is no specific device option for that RAM cooler, then you want to pick a combination that matches its LED count as closely as possible.

RGB Strip = 10 LEDs
HD = 12
SP = 4, but don't choose this
SP PRO = 8, unclear if this will work
LL = 16 LEDs
ML = 4
Hydro X - varies by component, probably not a good choice

I cannot find a decent shot that shows the number of LEDs and this is not listed on the product page either. I have the earlier version CMDAF (no 2), but it has a different type of LED. If you can't see how many either, just do trial and error starting with ML x 2 and see if it all lights up. If not, move to SP-PRO x 2 (8 x 2), LED strip x 1 or 2, HD x 1. It's hard to imagine it has 12 LED per little fan, but who knows.

patrikor 10-14-2019 06:05 AM

Awesome, thanks :)

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