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conincamo 01-15-2019 06:32 AM

Mouse Profiles "Uncooperative"
My apologies if there is already a thread regarding this.

I have 2 profiles for separate games. I was able to switch between the 2 fairly easily, although after a restart the program would always run the same profile on startup. Attempts to link the games to these profiles have not changed anything.

I created a 3rd profile for general desktop use, and now when launching a game, it will not allow me to pick any other profile but this new one...


Switching to the 3rd profile may be related to the 1st and 2nd not being connected to the right files, although I've tried all related .exe's and still don't understand why it would just revert to the 3rd after prompting to do otherwise...

Also, after my most recent update to the iCue software, I can't change my DPI via my mouse (Glaive RGB)

c-attack 01-17-2019 11:33 AM

Once you link a profile to a program, it becomes solely tied to it and will no longer be eligible to be the "default" profile. The top profile on your list is the default profile. It does not need to be the shell "default" profile created when you first installed the mouse. However, if profile 1 and 2 are linked to an .exe, then it will always default to the third profile on the list. Profile linking is related to focus, so using it for a non-full screen app like Excel, Word, etc. is likely to be tiresome as it switched back to the default every time you click the desktop or task bar.

I am not sure what is happening to you and it is difficult to picture on this end. You might consider manually managing the profiles if it is just the three. That may be less of a headache than micro-managing the auto switch.

I haven't used my Glaive in a while, but I just checked and mine does shift DPI between the 5 levels. Can you clarify what does not work? Does the DPI button not shift speeds? Or are you unable to select a new DPI profile set in iCUE?

Since you seem to have multiple issues and some general quirkiness, you might go to the program list in Windows, click on iCUE and Modify -> Repair the installation.

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