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Nomoresorrow 06-04-2018 10:06 PM

570x case fan setup
Hey guys,

New to the pc scene,
Iíve got a Corsair 570x case, with the Corsair H150i Pro, Iím looking at running HD120 fans throughout the case, for now I plan on having 6 fans (3 on front of case with rad, 2 top, and 1 back).
I believe I should be running the front fans with the rad as intake, and the rear 1 as exhaust. The top two Iím not too sure of.
Iíve also seen Zottys setup with the push pull and the extra case fan on the top of the Psu shroud, does that improve anything in particular?
Also my last question would be, should I mount the psu in the shroud upside down or facing upwards?

Cheers for any assistance.


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