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greyaria 04-02-2019 07:28 AM

Setting custom lighting profiles for k70 mk 2
Maybe I've missed it completely, but I can't seem to find a SIMPLE guide for how to set a custom profile for this K70 RGB MK.2 keyboard I just purchased. I've been screwing around with the iCUE software for an hour now and I just can't figure it out.

All I want to do is have certain keys lit up at certain times. For example: when I'm playing a game, I want to be able to set up my keyboard so that the only keys that are backlit are the ones that are mapped in a game (like WASD).

I don't want or need any crazy animated lighting effects or anything like that. I'd just like to know how to do the basics.

c-attack 04-02-2019 09:39 AM

Here is a link to Inheritance's very detailed guide.

There is a lot in there. Here is the very short get you started version:

1) CTRL is the magic key. In order to apply an effect to multiple or select keys, you must hold down Control while clicking or click-dragging the yellow box across keys. If you don't, it will individually select that one place and de-select everything else. You will do this a few times anyway, yell loudly, and eventually adapt.

2) Create a game profile: click the + in the top left next the Profiles menu header. This will create a new profile with a generic name. Click on the K70 Mk2 icon in the top menu bar to go to the keyboard screens. Click Lighting effects. Click the + next to lighting effects to create a new one. There is a drop down menu below to change the effect.

Simple example: Change the effect from Rainbow to static. Select Red (or whatever). The entire keyboard is automatically applied. In this instance, deliberately click on the keyboard (no CTRL) to deactivate the red blanket. Now hold CTRL and individually select the keys you want to show color (WASD, etc.). That's is it for a simple profile.

3) Now to link the game: Click on the profile you've created in the left menu. It will take you back to the main screen At the bottom will be three fields: two for imagery and one for the game link. This part is pretty standard. Click the ... box to the right of Link Profile to Program. Follow your system menus to get to the game exe you want. That's it. It will now switch anytime that game is in focus. Note it will switch back your default when you alt+tab to the desktop. You get a lot more of this than necessary will all the game launchers these days.

4) Of note: iCUE works on a top down hierarchy. This applies to colors and profiles. When you stack colors, the one on top is dominant. If it has "holes" or space in the pattern, the underlying color will show through. If it does not, then it will blanket. This also applies to the profile stack. Your default profile is whatever is at the top of the list. There is nothing special about the "default" profile created when you first installed iCUE. You can delete it if it is not being used (or rename it). There are some exceptions. Those HW1-3 profiles are a means to saving info to the keyboard. They are not usable software profiles. Don't keep them at the top of the list. It's just confusing. iCUE will skip over them. Also, once you link a profile to an application, it can no longer be the default profile. It will get skipped over as well. Keep your linked profiles and HW profiles further down.

Corsair Calico Jack 04-02-2019 03:11 PM

We also have a lot of great videos on our How To channel

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