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Replaiz 12-09-2019 01:44 PM

Icue 25% CPU usage and 15% GPU usage
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Hello I recently I noticed that iCue is taking 25% CPU usage and 15% GPU usage, I wonder if someone have this problem too
Here is the corsair product i use :
- Corsair k95 platinum
- H100i platinum RGB
- x2 Corsair vengance RGB pro 3200mhz cl16
- x2 "False" Corsair vengance RGB
- Commander pro with 4 LL120

I linked a system info too

PS : I hould maybe downgrade my iCue version and i'm searching for a stable one

c-attack 12-09-2019 03:35 PM

Two things to look at: 1) Vengeance RAM "settings". Is software control enabled? This is a big CPU drain and they are working on it, but it's more than I can live with. If you uncheck you can still pick from any of the presets or static/multicolor, but you can't run 9 different light waves in an overlapping layer.

2) The iCUE app uses GPU resources for rendering all those nice little lights, graphs, etc. When the app window is closed, GPU usage will be zero. However, it does chew up quite a bit on certain tabs within the app. The keyboard page is a big one. 100+ different objects and if you throw some color waves up there, then it uses a lot of resources. I tend not to leave it on the keyboard page unless I am working there. Regardless, the GPU part might only be an issue if you are using multiple monitors and keep it on the keyboard page showing off your work while gaming on the primary.

Replaiz 12-09-2019 05:31 PM

Hello, yes I checked the "control settings for the ram in iCue", I unchecked it and I guess you're right, eveything is ok right now thanks.

K01D57331 12-10-2019 04:36 PM

iCUE is a joke. Here is my thread about the issues I had...

It may look OK for now but if you really want to see OK, then disable all the Corsair services using task manager and see the difference in system, especially when you push it to the max.

It also prevents your CPU from idling so it will always be at it's maximum speed. It also uses about 10-15 more watts. It will also make your system run like crap when it is being maxed out. Just turning off iCUE improved my 3DMark scrores so much and lowered temps too.
The more one digs into iCUE the more one learns what a poorly written piece of software it is.

c-attack 12-10-2019 06:31 PM


Originally Posted by K01D57331 (Post 1027026)
iCUE is a joke. Here is my thread about the issues I had...

LOL. Are you advertising for your thread? I suppose thatís one way to ask for help, but not everyone may appreciate you dropping in on their thread with no intent to provide aid.

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