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xPubHD 03-18-2018 08:08 PM

Corsair Glaive snapping

Today I bought my second mouse from Corsair because I was in need of an upgrade.
I have really enjoyed the design and feel of the mouse but there is one thing worrying me. It is that at random high-speed flicks or mouse-lifts the mouse snaps to the bottom or to the top of the screen. It is indeed very weird and in situations like where you need those high-speed flicks or mouse lifts because you run out of space on your mousepad, it justs snap. These snaps can be the cause of a game-changing play.
I have an ASUS ROG Sheath mousepad which has been working and feeling well with my other mouse as well.

I have not returned the mouse yet but I doubt that it is because of that and I think that the issue is related to the mousepad calibration feature on the CUE. If there is any way to disable it I would like to see if that helps. I did calibrate it for my mousepad at the beginning before playing and I haven't tried it without it.
I did the steps correctly as well but I noticed when doing the mousepad calibration that the same thing happened with the snapping.

Here you have a GIF of me trying to calibrate it.

The mouse is up to date and I am running it on 400DPI.

Corsair Nick 03-19-2018 10:24 PM

Couple things you can try are different surface, different PC/Laptop, and force firmware update in the global settings (gear wheel). Also, are the actions happening when you are holding or clicking the mouse button?

xPubHD 03-20-2018 08:01 AM

It happened when I was holding down the button and clicking.

After I updated the CUE & the Glaive, disabled Angle Snapping and then put the Mouse Lift to Medium I haven't had that issue anymore. If the problem occurs again I will contact you again.


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