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Keiser 01-28-2018 06:02 AM

K95 v1 remapping audio onto G Keys
Ok so I'm being precious but it has become a bugbear of mine. But I want to be able to map the g keys to replace the audio keys. I've never got used to using the dedicated media keys on the K95 version 1. Theyre too far out of the way and sunken into the keyboard that even reaching for them is uncomfortable. I've looked everywhere I could think of to look but I cant find it. Is it possible?

This is what I'm thinking
G13 - Volume Down
G14 - Volume Mute
G15 - Volume Up
G16 - Previous Track
G17 - Play/Pause
G18 - Next Track.

I use Vlc primarily and the previous/next track buttons don't work very well within vlc. Clicking previous and next seems to have a different way to choose the song or video in a way I'm not accustomed to.

gtr2244 01-28-2018 04:07 PM

Right click a G key, then select Remap. In the top drop down you can select Media.

Keiser 01-28-2018 10:31 PM

lol... puts hand up "Hey people I'm your new village idiot!" So easy... Didnt even think to try that. I have no idea why? Thanks for that gtr2244!

As an aside wholy molly those keyboards prices have gone nuts. There's about 5 of them on the Australian ebay going for $1000.


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