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LilGarbage 02-21-2020 03:23 PM

How do I rollback icue safely?
I recently upgraded to software version 3.25.60 and found it to be the worst mistake of my life. I no longer am able to play EAC games without shutting down ICUE, which was all well and good until I found out that I am unable to use mouse buttons 4 and 5 without ICUE running? It's so annoying considering that I have buttons mapped to 4 and 5 such as melee and grenade, and I'd prefer not to remap them.

Is there any way for me to rollback to the previous version without messing up my profiles? Thank you.

c-attack 02-21-2020 05:32 PM

Not if you didn't already make a back up copy of the files prior to the upgrade. Once you've loaded up a version of iCUE, the profiles are stamped with that version and you can't go back.

In this situation, the best thing may be to roll back while preserving your current profile state for a later point in time.

1) Go to C:User/(name)/App Data (hidden)/Roaming and copy the Corsair folder to a safe place like a desktop folder labeled CUE v3.25. Those are all your profiles, settings, background links, program links, etc.).

2) Uninstall iCUE normally through Windows Settings -> Apps list. When asked if you want to keep your settings, select no or manually delete the Corsair folder referenced above.

3) Install CUE 3.24. It will load up as a blank slate. Only create the profiles you need right now -- just enough to get you through a couple of weeks.If you have saved the profiles through the export method prior to 3.25, then you can re-import. You cannot import anything exported on 3.25.

The goal is to get you playing. Once this is resolved one way or another, you will be able to install 3.25 or 3.26 CUE, drop the old 3.25 profiles folder back into the App Data/Roaming location, and then all your prior work will be back.

CUE 3.24

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