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LeeandLee 12-07-2019 04:14 AM

new to RGB. Commander Pro or Lighting node pro?
Ok so im completely new to the RGB ways. I just bought a Lian Li o11 Dynamic XL case and the Asus x570 viii Hero and I bought 6 of Corsair LL120 fans that comes with Lighting Node Pro in each box and a Corsair 150i . Do I also need to buy Corsair Commander Pro? Im so confused. Do I even need any of them or does my case cover that? IM confused as to the entire operation of these things. Any help would be great. Thanks.

DevBiker 12-07-2019 12:30 PM

You don't need a Commander Pro but they are really great to have (and use). It provide fan speed control and temperature sensors to measure ambient temps, which is super-useful, in additional to the RGB control. But for just RGB, you're fine with the Lighting Node Pro - you'l just need to control your fans via the motherboard.
Take a look at the RGB FAQ in my sig.

LeeandLee 12-07-2019 02:21 PM

Thanks for the response. Doesn't Icue control all of those things as well though?

DevBiker 12-07-2019 07:06 PM

All of what things? Your motherboard fans? No. It'll monitor them but not control them.

Zotty 12-07-2019 07:10 PM

to add to DevB's info...

you have 2 choices really when it comes to controlling the speeds of the fans.... motherboard and its (no doubt crappy) software/bios or a Commander Pro and iCUE.

Given you have Corsairs RGB and AIO then iCUE would be preferable as this would bring all control into one place..

the Commander Pro will control both RGB and FAN speeds of all your fans and indeed the H150i

my advice is yes... you need one.. its the heart of the system

have a read of the below faq

LeeandLee 12-07-2019 09:18 PM

ok thanks guys. One more quick question. All of my fans i bought are the LL120 pro's id like the fans to be uniform BUT should i put the ML's on the 150i or can i just stick with the LL120's for the same sound and performance etc? The ML120's will look a bit different than the LL120's i presume

DevBiker 12-08-2019 12:45 AM

You can put the LL's on the radiator. They won't perform quite as well as the ML's but it's likely to be marginal.

Zotty 12-08-2019 03:23 AM

like Dev said... Marginal. you will be fine with the LL's on the rad buddy :). Ran LL's for well over 12 months on a H150i with no issues at all

LeeandLee 12-08-2019 03:36 AM

What i just did was buy 3 x ML120 pro's . I can take them back just incase. But i see that the the LL120s have that big black plastic X in the middle of the fan on one side and the LEd ring is only on one side as well.. bit disappointed in that since that means i can use them for blowing air out of case only to get the full RGB. im hoping the ML's dont have that so i can use them for intake. my hope was to use all LL's so it looks uniform. but i cant have all fans as blow air out only.

Zotty 12-08-2019 04:09 AM

have you seen the new Corsair QL RGB fans?

LeeandLee 12-08-2019 07:42 PM

Yes however they are too expensive. I would have to pay $65 more per 3 fans. So it would have cost me around $200 more to get the QL instead of the LL's

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