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efclee 01-08-2019 09:51 AM

KVM Advice Please
Hi People, first post, yey!

I am trying to add a KVM to my PC to use along side a PS4 Pro but i am finding VGA will not be good option as full HD res is kind of its limit, so this rules out any cheapo KVM, bottom price for HDMI KVM is around 25 but these wont offer the 75hz? that my monitor is capable of, so for around 100 I can get 60Hz at 4K,

My monitor >> ACER ED323QURwidpx Quad HD 31.5

So few question please, am I right about the low Hz being an issue as I am only just today reading up on these devices, and also.. does the iCue software work through a KVM and profile button etc..

My other items are keyboard - Straffe MK.2, mouse - Glaive and mouse mat MM800

Obviously I can set which profile using via PC an then switch to PS4 so thats not a problem,



Corsair Hotpot 01-09-2019 06:23 PM

Unfortunately iCUE does not support KVMs

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