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LeonardoCarvalh 12-14-2019 08:39 AM

CMU32GX4M2C3000C15 and 2D3000C16 parts - is overclock possible?

I got a new set of memories to get 64 Gb on my desktop, but couldn't find any 2C3000C15, after searching for some months, decide to try the last 2D3000C16 on sale on a site.

Both memories boot fine, works, fine, no errors in 3 weeks.

But I cannot get over the 2134 mark. Sure, I think since the latencies differ, 3000 would not be stable, but would at least be possible to get a 2666 speed?

XMP profile got the C15 profile detected right, but wouldn't boot up.

Is there a known configuration to boost up this specific set of memories?


c-attack 12-23-2019 12:31 PM

You are never going to be able to use XMP (or AMD's version) with two different kits. You will have to manually set them. The higher you go, the more critical difference between them become. Unfortunately, I am not sure that Ryzen series had the strongest memory controller and there were a lot of obstacles for people. Two possible settings to try are:

2666 MHz
CL (CAS) 14
tRP/tRCD (RAS and RAS to CAS) 16
tRAS (Cycle) 35
Command Rate (CR/TR) 2 or Auto
DRAM Voltage 1.35

2400 MHz
CR 2 or Auto
Voltage 1.35

I don't know know your board lists the primary timings so I have written it both ways. Leave all secondary and tertiary settings on Auto. Just change the top 4. This is a bit voltage heavy, but you can run DDR4 at 1.35 until the end of time without temp issues, so this is the starting point. The other missing element here is VCCIO and VCCSA voltage. I have no idea what these should be for your platform and I don't use AMD. However, some quick searching should narrow it down or leave it on Auto for the first try.

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