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Cougar281 02-07-2015 08:52 PM

Commander Mini vs the original + cooling nodes
I did some searching, but didn't see anything overly helpful... With the new Commander Mini out, that appears to essentially be a Commander, about 1.5 cooling nodes and half a lighting node all in one, how has it been working compared to the Original Commander, Cooling nodes and Lighting nodes? I currently have a commander, two cooling nodes, a lighting node and a GPU node (I think that's what it is called - it measures GPU current). The GPU Node works ok I think, although it would be better, IMO, if it interfaced on the data bis rather than using a temperature probe input. The lighting node hasn't given me any trouble, although I don't really do much with it - All I've ever done is use it to indicate approximate temp of the CPU, from blue being OK to red being hot.

The cooling nodes are another issue. As I'm sure many here have found, they're flaky at best. One of them works. The current RC detected it, detected that it needed a firmware update and updated it, and it's ok. The other one, not so much. after pulling power from it and disconnecting it from the commander, then hooking it all back, CL detected that *something* was there, but it didn't know what it was, and when it tried to figure out what it was and recover the firmware, it was unable to reset the node. Then after another reset, both nodes showed up, one with the current 1.2.8FW, and the other with the older 1.2.5. Then the one disappeared again...

If the new Commander Mini is far improved over the old cooling nodes in terms of reliability, I mihgt consider getting this new Commander.

Specter 02-07-2015 10:24 PM

The new commander is better. Less hardware and more streamlined. The best of all no more molex connection.

I currently have one set up, been great. 4 temp probes connected with 2 sets of lighting kits.

Corsair Dustin 02-09-2015 01:07 PM

Commander Mini is *very* different from the original Commander and Cooling Nodes.

The original Cooling Node only featured proper PWM control; to control 3-pin fans, it would strobe the fan header instead of actually adjusting the voltage. This was bad for the node to say the least. The Commander Mini, on the other hand, has full hardware voltage control integrated into the fan headers.

I use a Commander Mini in my home system, it's a major upgrade on the original Commander and Cooling Nodes.

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