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unrivaledx21 02-16-2019 09:27 AM

CUE 1.16 will not open.
I've had this version working perfectly fine for a long time and now it refuses to open. This is on a Windows 10 x64 PC whilst using a K70 RGB Lux keyboard.

I've already tried repairing and altogether re-installing without any success at getting it working again.

The above image is the application running in the processes, but there is no user interface and my profile isn't loaded.

unrivaledx21 02-16-2019 09:46 AM

I've now had success getting it to launch after renaming the program data and appdata corsair folders. The problem now is the keyboard firmware is incompatible after my attempts with using iCUE 3.12. How can I downgrade my firmware to a compatible version for use with software 1.16.42? Again, I am using the K70 RGB Lux.

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