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randomnut 10-13-2019 05:06 AM

Remap profile button on Ironclaw?
Recently picked up an Ironclaw mouse and have been trying to remap the two buttons below the scroll wheel to dpi up/dpi down.

In software profile mode it lets me do just that. But if I try and modify the hardware profile so I don't have to have icue always running, it does not allow me to remap the profile button which is frustrating as it means unless I change all the profiles to the same thing I accidentally change the profile sometimes to different settings.

Is there a way to remap the profile button to use it for something else, and have it store on the mouse so I don't need icue running? thanks

arvabay 05-25-2020 02:48 PM

Hello, I have just spend the last 6 hours to understand that you forbid consumers to remap 'change profile' button to something else in hardware. Ok, we can do this in software, but software doesn't exist on Linux.

I don't care about profiles, I just want to plug my mouse and get my unique custom profile ready ! And I read many other users who would like the same.

PLEASE developers give us a way to remap 'change profile' button in hardware, or give us a link to a magic-secret branch of Icue that allow this !!
:praise: :praise: :praise: :praise: :praise:

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