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Corsair James 11-20-2019 01:53 AM

Slipstream Multi-Device Beta
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Hi everyone,

I am happy to announce that we are officially ready to start open beta testing on our multi-device Slipstream support. This is an open beta so we can gather feedback from all of our iCUE users with Slipstream products who want to use one dongle for their devices.

For users who want to try this beta, here is the specific link for the software:

1.) What does Slipstream Multi-Device mean?
As we briefly mentioned earlier this year, our slipstream compatible products allow users to connect all of their wireless devices together through one dongle. Users can choose to do 2:1 support (keyboard + mouse using either a keyboard or mouse slipstream dongle) or 3:1 support (keyboard + mouse + headset using an audio slipstream dongle).

2.) What products are compatible with Slipstream Multi-Device?
Keyboards: K57 RGB Wireless
Mice: Ironclaw RGB Wireless or Harpoon RGB Wireless
Headset: Virtuoso RGB / SE

It is not possible to pair two of the same types of devices together. It must be a combination of a keyboard + mouse, keyboard + headset, headset + mouse, or keyboard+mouse+headset. If you use a headset, you must use the audio dongle for either 2:1 or 3:1.

3.) What are the drawbacks to using Slipstream Multi-device?
For 2:1 support, polling rates supported will be no less than 1ms when using the multi-device pairing. For 3:1 support, polling rates will be slightly higher than 1ms but our testing internally has shown there is no noticeable effect for mice and keyboards even with the audio dongle driving all 3 simultaneously. However, the open beta is here to get real world testing data to see if our users can detect a difference that may not be visible to us in our closed testing.

4.) What is required to enable Slipstream Pairing?
Users will need to connect each of their devices with a USB cable and then connect the dongle they want to use with the pairing. Our UI will have step by step instructions so you can follow along. What the software will eventually do is flash each device with a different version of firmware (that supports Slipstream multi-device support) and then flash the dongle you want to pair with the device. All devices will then be paired to that dongle before the process is complete. Please note that this process can take up to 5 minutes so do not unplug anything while devices are being flashed with new firmware.

5.) Is there anything I should prepare prior to flashing the devices?
Yes, for optimal performance, do not use any hubs to flash your device during this process. Use either the front USB ports on your case, or connect all of your devices to the rear USB ports on your motherboard. This will ensure a clean install of firmware without hubs interfering with the process.

4.) Is it possible to undo Slipstream Multi-device support?
Yes, users will just revert back to 1:1 and re-flash the original firmware.

5.) What should I do with the dongle(s) that I don't end up using?
You should keep them in a safe place in case you want to revert back to 1:1 or you lose your Slipstream dongle.

6.) Can I pair all my devices to more than one dongle?
No. Only one dongle can ever be used with 2:1 or 3:1. This is because we pair the devices uniquely to the dongle you're using for multiple reasons like security and encryption purposes.

7.) I am ready. How do I start?
Download the software linked above, and then click on Settings. Then click on any Slipstream compatible device and press the button circled here. In order for you to start the process, you must have at least two different types of device connected to iCUE.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to add a post in this subforum. Any bugs, issues, or feedback, please post here in this subforum so I can collect it and follow up with you individually, if necessary. Try to start your own thread if possible so it doesn't get lost or mixed up with other people's threads too.

Thanks and happy testing!


Corsair James 02-06-2020 11:19 PM

A new version of the beta has been posted to reflect the changes found in iCUE v3.25.60.

Corsair James 03-13-2020 05:25 AM

A new version of the beta has been uploaded. This will have all of the changes in v3.26 and includes a brand new UI for multipoint pairing.

Corsair James 05-13-2020 08:12 AM

Sorry for the delay everyone - we had some critical bugs to fix but v3.28 version of the Multipoint pairing is now available in the first post.

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