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mutantflash 07-17-2019 11:55 PM

4 x HD120s, 1 x H100i x 1 rgb strip. How do I connect them all up?
Hello, I'm seeming to have some troubles with how to route my wires with my corsair products and make them all link together in corsair I-Cue/Corsair Link. As you can see from the title I have 4 HD 120 fans, a corsair h100i and an RGB strip that comes with the corsair carbide spec omega RGB case. I also have a corsair commander pro and 1 fan hub and 1 lighting node pro. I'm confused on how I would route this successfully, my ideal situation is where I have control over the 4 HD120 fans and I am able to link up all of my RGB.

My proposed idea: All of the HD120's have one 3 pin connector going into the fan hub and one going into the fan area of the commander pro, this 'should' give me control over both fan speed and RGB. I also think that I should plug my corsair ML120's that come with my cooler into the H100i pump and that pump should go into the USB section of my commander pro. Then I can plug my RGB strip from my case into the LED section of my commander pro. Then finally I can plug in my fan hub into the LED section of my commander pro. After that, I think that I can plug my commander pro into a USB header on my motherboard.

Tell me if I did anything wrong in my planning, I don't fully understand the commander pro. I think that I will have an extra lighting node pro if I go this way.

DevBiker 07-18-2019 12:06 AM

Hey ... start with the RGB FAQ. Lots of good info there on the fans and the CoPro.
The Spec Omega RGB comes with its own Ligthing Node Pro. This is a standard NoPro with custom firmware. You connect the strip to ... uhh ... I think ... Port 1 on that. It'll show up as the case in iCUE. You can also use that NoPro for the fans but since you have the CoPro, you really don't need to.

Zotty 07-18-2019 03:03 AM

as said... read the Faq ;).. covers exactly what you need to know to progress... Good luck man,,,

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