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Adzen 03-01-2014 09:16 PM

Vengeance 2100 - Micro' : no noise reduction
Hello there,

I bought the headset two weeks ago and I soon noticed that the microphone actually DOESN'T "reduce" the ambient sound. On Skype, people tell me they hear like an uninterrupted "wind" noise, which is still there even when I'm not talking. I first thought it was the actual noise of my computer, but it persisted even when I went in another room. I'm somehow frustrated because I've never known any problem with the mic' of my old Vengeance 1500 7.1 v1 (the quality of the micro was amazing, indeed).

So, my question is : can I fix this ? I read on another thread that it could be a driver issue. aurher, a Corsair Employee, suggested to try out with the version 1.1 of the driver. Where can I find it (the link he posted is now dead) ? My current version is 2.0.26 and I notice no improvement.

Please, help me ! Is anyone in the same case ? Have you found a solution ?

PS : Si un employé de Corsair comme aurher pourrait répondre en français, ce serait effectivement plus simple pour moi pour parler ici, mon niveau d'anglais n'étant pas terrible, comme vous pouvez le remarquer...

Toasted 03-02-2014 02:42 AM

Version 1.1 is for the V1500, HS1. It's not for the V2100.

Can you try the headset on another computer? Does the issue still exist?

Adzen 03-02-2014 10:22 AM

I can't, I only have one computer...

Toasted 03-03-2014 03:45 AM

You can ask some friends to test the headset on their computer.

thomja 03-03-2014 07:00 PM


Originally Posted by Toasted (Post 699879)
You can ask some friends to test the headset on their computer.

Toaster will you stop posting your bad replies asking people to try stuff, there is nothing to try. This is a problem with the headset itself. MANY MANY people are experiencing this. This is not an issue on the users part. This is an issue with the headset that Corsair has to fix.

Adzen 03-22-2014 07:34 AM

I'm upping the thread.

Toasted 03-23-2014 02:36 AM

If you don't have another computer to test the headset on. Submit a ticket to Corsair and see if they have any solutions that may help or you can contact your seller and see if they can replace the headset for you.

Adzen 03-23-2014 08:17 AM

Okay, I'll try this out.

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