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kc5vdj 05-14-2018 11:06 AM

Just got a used K95 RGB - Issues - Need assistance
I just got a used K95 RGB with reds this past week on eBay, and it does have a few issues.

1). some of the keyswitches feel gummy, and take a while to return up. 91% alcohol seems to be a temporary fix to this, and may eventually flush out the gunk, maybe.

2). well over 20 of the RGB LEDs have one (most of them) or more than one (a few of them) of the component color LEDs dead on them.

3). a cosmetic flaw introduced in shipping, where the top left corner of the macro pad area chipped off, probably due to bad handling, and crappy packing.

I can live with item 3, and found the chipped off part in the package, and will attempt to epoxy it, and sand down the seam.

I am toying with the idea of buying a bag of keyswitches to deal with the gummies, and just do the whole keyboard with new switches. There are plenty of youtube videos (including one that gives useful info by a real idiot who probably scratched and dinged the keyboard all to heck and back doing the disassembly), and i have a heat gun to remove the tramp stamp to get to the hidden screw.

That brings up the whole LED issue. Since I'm probably going to desolder all the switches and replace those with new, which LEDs should I buy?

Forward voltage for R, G, and B needed, PIV needed, brightness for R, G, and B needed. A Digi-Key part number would be nice (or Mouser, or Allied, or...). I don't want to get some of those cheap eBay / Amazon big bags from China, as although some of them are true deals, most of them seem to be factory seconds from what I've been reading.

Since I am not the original owner, and since this is probably out of warranty anyway, I can't get service from Corsair on this.

For the record, this is a CH-9000082-NA, S/N 152714508411.

I have done hard reset, as well as a forced firmware flash. It was already at 2.05, but I did it anyway in case of corruption. The LED issues persist, so are unlikely to be firmware related.

kc5vdj 05-28-2018 10:51 AM

Does anyone have the information on which RGB SMD LEDs to use in a K95 RGB?

Inheritance 05-28-2018 01:19 PM

I believe holding page up and Page down when you plug it in will reset the EProm. But if that doesnt work and you want to resolder everything idk if you can replace just the LEDs. I think you'll have to replace the entire switch unit with Cherry RGB switches.

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