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danielvh 05-15-2019 06:07 AM

What screws are used to mountain H115i Pro RGB to case?

I have a Corsair H115i Pro RGB that I'm currently mounting to my case using the long screws (i.e. case -> fans -> radiator).

I'm planning on changing the fans to the LL140s and would mount the fans to the other side of the radiator, but have lost the case->radiator screws that came with the cooler unfortunately.

What type of screws are used? I'm guessing I can't just use the screws that come with the LL140 fans?



c-attack 05-15-2019 09:13 AM

You are looking for 6-32 machine screws. Specialty "computer screws" are not required, but if you want them in black, you usually need to pay for it. Otherwise, you local hardware store has these. The trickier aspect is length. The fans are 25mm. The case has some thickness (usually <1.0mm) and you need it to go into the radiator a few mm without skewering the radiator fins. For most people, 30mm length will do it, but there are so many unique cases and placements I can't promise. Too short doesn't work, so when in doubt go longer and then use rubber washers to push the screw up higher if needed.

Case fans screws are #8 and no those won't work.

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