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realmbmc 08-23-2019 05:34 PM

RMA Ticket got closed without response
My ticket (#2000433195) got closed. Support team didn't sent me any information regarding shipping of replacement unit. They've offered me CP-9020074-NA and that's all. They didn't even ask my address! How they are supposed to send it back then?
Waiting for response for 2 weeks, opened one more follow up ticket that got ignored for 3 days.
Overall waiting time - more than 2 months since I've sent my faulty AX760i to service center. Also, I still didn't get any information regarding shipping cost refund but "The shipping refund request has been submitted for review to the manager.". Shipping cost: USD 42.45

Please help! I can't use my PC without PSU. Didn't know that it will take that much time!!!

P.S. follow-up ticket: #2000816695

Corsair Wootaru 08-23-2019 06:46 PM


I am sorry about that, I've looked into the ticket to help you out.

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