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intrueder 07-25-2019 11:04 AM

iCUE Shader Player
Hello Everyone!

I want to share my work with you. I've made a simple app using Electron and Corsair SDK, and it can play GLSL shaders right on a Corsair keyboard!

You can find the app here:
  1. Download iCUE.Shader.Player-0.1.2-win.7z
  2. Unpack
  3. Execute "iCUE Shader Player.exe"
  4. Enjoy!

P.S.: the app is still raw, so it may crash, but should work if iCUE is running and Corsair keyboard is connected (or virtual devices enabled in iCUE)

Gooday2die 09-15-2019 05:21 AM

Works Beautiful! Nice Work! Really love the concept.

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