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camelsmaycry 09-15-2016 09:32 AM

Enquiry about Carbide Air 740

I really want to purchase this case but I wanted to ask before I would do something stupid.

1- Can it handle a E-ATX Mobo cause it doesnt say so on the site but many reviewers say yes.

2- Can I add another 3.5 HDD Bay to make it a total of 6 or maybe 9 ?


Corsair Nick 09-20-2016 05:37 PM

The case can fit up to 305mm x 272mm boards, so it would really depend on the board you purchase. I also double checked to see if there are expansion rails for extra drivebays, but there aren't any.

We just released the case, so I'll pass the suggestion along for the expansion cage.

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