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joelin0724 09-02-2019 04:26 AM

Need help with PC reboot and stuck in BIOS Click 5
it ever since beginning of August 2019 my Corsair one "brought in 2018 1080ti version" has issue with blue screen and reboot for no reason and stuck in BIOS Click 5 and won't let me get out there. try search on the solution and nothing works.
try to reset my PC multiple times "with clean only C drive and Clean everything to brand new setting" it will be good for few hour then keep rebooting again.

Already contact with customer service with request number 2000811326 in August 16th and offer me in 19th to send me a box for repair, now in September not even notice what is the repair box looks like and no email contact from customer service, try to be patient but it was difficult.
Call again in end of August, got response of "because the warehouse was busy no repair box been scheduled for ship out".
So I guess can't rely on customer service for anything, just here to check out some people has this issue since 2017 and is there any solution yet? please help out.

Thank you guys.

Peakleaf 11-07-2019 10:47 PM

Why not make a boot disk for your computer,as in this way,the computer can be rebooted by you.

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