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cipsdnb 05-04-2018 08:31 AM

Problems with M65 RGB PRO & CUI
Hello, this is my first thread in the Corsair forums so..nice to meet you all. :)

I use the CUI mostly to customize the DPI settings and lighting for the mouse. I owned a Corsair Harpoon before (wich is destroyed now, very very fragile mouse btw. dont recommend it) and it had the same problem:
When exiting a game or booting up in the OS, the mouse is very very laggy on the screen. It has like 5 frames per second while moving it for about 2-5 seconds...while this happens, i have almost no control on the mouse and its pretty annoying as i move quick.

I am 90% sure the culprate is the corsair software. Two mice with the same problem. Ill try reinstalling the application even if its updated to date (did this before).
Also...on rare ocasions, my M65 is not even detected by the software.

Anyone knows how to fix this? Its not something major but for a mouse at this price, i expect it to work flawlessly :), as cheaper mice do.

Corsair Calico Jack 05-10-2018 02:48 PM

Is this issue consistent? Or only 2-5 seconds once the computer boots?

As far as the device being detected, this may just be an after-effect of the boot procedure in Windows. You can generally get around this by starting the software manually rather than having it start on startup.

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