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inverse1997 01-21-2018 01:08 PM

void pro rgb usb ps4 wont turn on
Hello there i just recently got the void pro usb surround sound white headset i got this product originally for use with my PC and ps4 it works wonderful on my computer no problem but when i plug it into my ps4 the headset doesn't even come on ive tried everything i could find online Corsair has a forum saying that my version of my headset is compatible with my ps4 and ive seen several:mad: threads people saying they are having other problems with there headset on there ps4 updating firmware changing the headset mode to stereo cleaning out my usb optical drives i think that my ps4 just doesn't have enough strength to power the headset my usb 3.0 drives definitely are working i use it to charge my controller and the headset plugs in fine to various objects such as my tv. ive made a work ticket have not heard anything from corsair tried contacting them and got told to ask technical support and of course i cannot get in touch with them and was told to wait till they contact me. Please help me

Corsair Nick 01-23-2018 05:43 PM

The Void Pro USB doesn't officially support PS4, or any other consoles. We currently offer the Void Pro Surround and HS50 that officially support consoles which use 3.5mm analog headphone jacks. There may be a setting in the PS4 settings menu you can change for default audio.

inverse1997 01-25-2018 01:24 AM

Thanks for you help so I returned the void pro rgb USB and I got the hybrid void with the headphone jack now I'm having another issue the sound just isn't loud enough and I've jacked the volume on the console and headset all the way up nothing works also the tv volume does not effect it

Toasted 01-31-2018 06:32 AM

Is the headset volume fine on Windows or is it still quiet?

Tried a different headset/earphones on the console? Is the volume fine?

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