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reereeree 07-13-2018 06:08 AM

hs50 mic picking up headset audio
When I play music on my pc or someone speaks in the background, or if im watching a stream or playing a game, everyone can hear it on discord through my mic. I've tried moving the mic as far away from the headphone part as possible but nothing is working. Never had this problem with any other headset. Any way to configure audio settings so its not so sensitive?

I've tried turning the mic boost off, turning the sensitivity down, even when its extremely low to the point where its really hard to hear me on discord without me shouting, they can still hear the music etc.

PyroZylo 09-06-2018 02:51 PM

The headsets are just faulty in this way I'm afraid, I am going to be returning mine soon. As you could probably tell, Corsair won't respond to any mentions of the fault, because they are aware of it, and probably just don't care to recognize and fix it.

RockandGrohl 09-06-2018 05:04 PM

I have same earphones and this has happened. My one friend gets really pissed off with me about it, to be fair he's right to - it must be very annoying.

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