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Inheritance 06-06-2015 10:43 PM


Originally Posted by gusto5 (Post 783389)
And on top of this, the ability to automatically space out tabs under lighting effects so the intervals for each marker are consistently the same.

or jsut have the ability to set the time so one has greater control

ScarredMecha 06-06-2015 10:50 PM


Originally Posted by Paul S (Post 783382)
Snap to grid in cue when making profiles, and seperate 512 and 16million colour wheels

I think that this is technically feasible for Corsair but would take away from developing other features to work on.

Corsair James 06-09-2015 04:59 PM

Hi all,

I wanted to give an update. I'll probably be sitting down with the developers to discuss future enhancements. If you guys have any suggestions, now is the time to post here so I can pass it along. I will also make this a sticky for now.


Jkraghify 06-09-2015 05:23 PM

In priority of what I think would be really cool to see in CUE:
-priority layer system similar to photoshop

-input number between 0 and 1 to precisely set color markers horizontally in the lighting editor

-input number between 0 and 100 to precisely set color markers vertically in the lighting editor

-set a delay before the lighting starts

-ability to light up other keys or groups of keys using another key or key group (pressing b will trigger lighting effects on w or wasd)

-allow "type lighting" to be assigned to a group: perhaps multiple "type lighting" assigned to multiple groups, but there could be overlap problems.

-allow "random color" to be used as a color assignment

Inheritance 06-11-2015 05:44 PM

Allow a random color to be picked from a set of colors.

ScarredMecha 06-12-2015 08:44 AM

It would be nice for multiple actions to be able to be assigned to a single key.

CodilX 06-17-2015 05:33 AM

Have the ability to set the lighting off or change the profile/mode when the monitor goes to sleep, and revert the change back when the monitor wakes up. Right now I use the brightness button to toggle between a profile with lighting and one without. Would love to have this automated.

rowjack1993 06-18-2015 11:19 PM

porbs been requested a milion times before, LUA support

Inheritance 06-20-2015 03:52 PM


Originally Posted by rowjack1993 (Post 785577)
porbs been requested a milion times before, LUA support

Corsair James said him self that it wont be out for a while if ever.

Powerpuncher 06-20-2015 04:24 PM

Being able to set delays in macros, etc. to more than 100 seconds. Like 10 or 20 minutes or even more if possible.
And also repeat options for all action types.

ExCustomer 06-26-2015 09:20 AM

Make the caps lock and num lock key lights indicators like the brightness key.

Did you fix the volume issue in Witcher 3?

..and just fix the software and hardware in general, the whole thing is pretty damned sloppy.

egret85 07-01-2015 04:49 PM

Please add the ability to bind a key to toggle holding a keystroke.

Ref Thread: Set up G key to toggle holding a keystroke

Powerpuncher 07-02-2015 11:19 AM

Not sure if this is feasible, or even remotely possible, but a way to change certain parameters of actions (like repeat delay) while said action is being executed would be a really nice feature.
You could assign keys to increase/decrease the delay by a set amount and/or change other parameters in a similar way.

bollwerk 07-07-2015 03:28 PM

Request - allow 3 modifiers for keystrokes, not just 2
Currently, when assigning a keystroke to any key, we are limited to only 2 modifiers (e.g. Shift, Alt, Ctrl).
This means that I can assign a keystroke "Ctrl + Alt + 1" to a key, but I can't assign a keystroke "Ctrl + Alt + Shift + 1" to a key.
Since I can actually press all 4 keys at once and have a game register the input, I doubt it's a hardware limitation. I presume this was a software design choice in CUE.
Therefore, I'm requesting that this functionality be added to a future release of CUE.


Elefantito 07-07-2015 05:01 PM

Windows 10 CUE compatibility !

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