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Macca_Cool 08-06-2019 06:09 AM

Unofficial Custom Game Integration
Hey! I finally got my stuff together and released it.

I've been somewhat active on the forums in the past, mostly talking about SDKs and the potential for custom game integration with iCUE, much like FarCry5 and Metro Exodus shipped with, and I'm proud to announce that I've finished it (6 months ago) and have finally got to releasing it.

I would like to put together a tutorial video to walk through all the aspects of the software, but that's for another time. Today I've released a public download and the source code on Github with some documentation on settings/functions and some usage explaination on the Github README.

Please note: this isn't for the feint of heart, I'm providing a platform to build your own game integration from, I have not created profiles and controllers for all your favourite games and neither do I intend to. This means that programming controllers and making profiles is all up to you. That being said, I've provided enough examples and documentation to have you on your way.

The software provides access to the game-integration functions provided by Corsair for the aforementioned games via HTTP GET requests, this allows almost any language to utilise its functionality, meaning theoretically any game mods should be compatible. I've provided controller examples in Python and have implemented a number of settings to allow it to fit with many use-cases.

So here's the link, have fun, and any questions, ask them here and I'll try to get back to you. Happy integrating!

hastegag 08-06-2019 01:37 PM

YEET ^WOOT! Everyone get it, thanks Macca!

Corsair James 08-08-2019 08:17 AM

Thread is now stickied.

Great job!

Macca_Cool 08-08-2019 01:04 PM

Thanks so much, James! This project means a lot to me, so I really appreciate that. I'm currently working on styling (and adding proper HTML structure to) the documentation and am gonna try to add some example configs and usages, etc. Hopefully that tutorial video for the setup and use-cases comes along too, as it's quite complex to setup and would really help users.

excessive_amoun 08-30-2019 04:14 PM

Hi there. Thank You so much for the SDK.
I have download all you upoload but be realy confused.
I hope i can find someone who can help me eith it.
I want to link iCUE with League of Legends and use this SDK. I am not so good at thes pogramming parts in java.
Is there anyone who can help me with the config of the SDK for League of Legends?
Thank you.

hastegag 09-04-2019 08:09 PM

@excessive_amoun you are planning on coordinating game integration with league of legends? Are you familiar with the API? I am not, but from there he/we can generally help you set game states using the game SDK integration. If you just want a single profile you can specify a game specific profile by linking to league of legends' exe inside icue.

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