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Review Roundup (Week ending 3/14/2014)

Happy Friday! You know you worked hard this week and are ready for some gaming this weekend. How about gaming with a Corsair Raptor M45 mouse? We've got a number of reviews of this mouse if you have any questions about it, but first... let's head over to Hexus.net and see what they think of our Voyager Go 64GB OTG flash drive.


Hexus performed a number of benchmarks on the device and concluded that the Voyager Go is "primed for the user who needs to frequently move data between computers and mobile devices, the Corsair Flash Voyager Go is a simple solution to a long-standing problem" and awarded the Go with their Recommended award.


And now for those M45 reviews!


Overclocking-PC in France reviewed our Raptor M45 mouse and did an overview of our MM200 mouse mat this week. They appreciated the mouse's 5000dpi optical sensor's precision, 1ms response time and considered the construction typical of Corsair's high standards.


The mouse pad also got praise by Overclocking-PC for its extremely smooth fabric surface, resulting in quiet and accurate mouse performance.

If we cross the English Channel, we can find another Raptor M45 review over at PLA3ER.NET.

Editor Aaron Hyde says, "The M45 would be my go to recommendation for anyone considering a mouse at this price point." and "The M45 is as function over form as you’d expect from a mouse". PLAY3R.NET awards the Raptor M45 with both their Performance and Value awards.


And now we have a video!

. In the video, he cites:
  • Great ergonomics
  • Superior optical sensor (VS laser) with 50DPI setting increments
  • Soft touch and sandpaper grip on the sides
  • Metal Scroll wheel
  • Corsair's greatly improved software and customization

Finally, we have a two-for for you! Tom Logan over at Overclock3d not only reviewed the M45, but also the RGB backlit Raptor K40 keyboard this week. Tom shot a video for each of these products, so we strongly encourage that you hop over there and check them out if you're interested in a Corsair Raptor keyboard and mouse.


Of the mouse, Tom said: "All in all though its a great looking performing mouse that fits great in your hand and it doesn't cost a fortune we cant think of a reason not to give it our OC3D Gold Award."

And of the keyboard: "Its been a pleasure over the last week or so to both game & type on the K40, part of me actually prefers these membrane switches to the normal mechanical reds too. At £55 it's priced quite close to the basic mechanical keyboards, although you do get the benefits of unlimited colour choice and those gaming inspired macros and for these reasons we award it with the OC3D Gamers choice award."


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