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Need a Little Storage? Try the Flash Voyager Vega

CORSAIR Technical Marketing

Recently released but flying a little under the radar is the new Flash Voyager Vega USB 3.0 drive. While the Flash Voyager GTX sits at the top of our food chain, able to hit read speeds in excess of 400MB/sec, it’s also a physically robust, sizable drive, owing to its powerful internals. If you just need a tiny drive with good performance, though, we can see the Flash Voyager GTX being a little…largish.

That’s why we have the Flash Voyager Vega. Physically, it’s basically a USB 3.0 port with a keychain loop. Internally, it supports up to 64GB of flash over USB 3.0, and it’s delightfully tiny. And despite having basically enough space for flash and the port, it can still crank out read speeds in excess of 90MB/sec. Not bad at all.

I can tell you how small the Voyager Vega is, but it might be easier just to show you:


For starters, its longest dimension is smaller than the smallest dimension of one of our case/radiator fans.


It fits on your keychain…and is dwarfed by your keys.


It fits neatly into the MacBook Pro it was admittedly styled to work with (although really, silver goes with almost everything.)


It’s a perfect match for your aftermarket head unit…


…or your car’s built-in USB player.


Just don’t lose it with your pocket change, because it’s about as small as that is, too.

If you’re thinking you can go for a little storage, check out the Flash Voyager Vega’s product page here.


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