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Project CURV3D: Custom parts and sleeving

Corsair Johan

This blog series is about how you can build your own case from scratch.

Part 1: The Beginning - https://www.corsair.com/us/en/blog/Project-CURV3D-The-Beginning

Part 2: Hardware and case - https://www.corsair.com/us/en/blog/Project-curv3d-hardware-and-case

Part 3: Finishing the structure - https://www.corsair.com/us/en/blog/Project-CURV3D-Finishing-the-structure

One thing I really enjoy with scratchbuilds, is that you can build your case exactly like you want it, optimize it after the hardware and coming up with new solutions to mount hardware. This case is very small so everything that can save space is important.

In this case for example, the SSD does not have anywhere to be mounted, so I had to make something to fix that problem. What I came up with was to somehow mount the SSD over the radiator without blocking to much airflow.


So I started off with a aluminium sheet which I bent twice.


I removed everything that was not needed.


Next thing I did was to clean up the edges and corners.


I painted the SSD-holder black to fit together with the SSD and radiator.


The SSD is mounted to the SSD-holder which then is mounted to the radiator.




To make the SSD stand out a little bit more I wanted to engrave our sails logo on it. What I used is something called carbon paper, then put the logo on top and filled in all the contours of it, the carbon paper transfers that over to the SSD as you see in the photos.



Using a Dremel I then started engraving the logo, first all the outlines and then started filling all the empty spaces.



It ended up like this!


Another small detail I did was to remove the plastic ring around the pump on the H75 and paint it white instead of the original grey color.


I want to keep everything tidy in this build, all the small details have to be as good as possible. So sleeving everything was for me a must.

So first I started with the two 120mm fans in the bottom, as I only have two fan-ports on the motherboard these had to be soldered together.



I really enjoy making the cables the exact length that they have to be.


The LCD that will be installed in the front had a green PCB that really stood out from everything else, so I got some Plastidip and painted it black instead, I also sleeved the USB-cable black to fit in.


The power-switch also got a custom-cable and black sleeving.


This little piece is what will be powering the PC together with the power-brick, it is called Pico-PSU or Nano-PSU. All the cables for this will also get some sleeving, the power-cable got black sleeving.


I made a custom-cable here that goes from PSU to SATA to 4-pin CPU, sleeved with white and light blue colors.




I then used something called P-clips to tie down the cables so everything looks tidy and clean.


The workspace can get a bit chaotic when in the middle of a build! This was everything for this blog, next time I will go through how to polish acrylic and how I install the different parts.

See you!


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