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Carbide Series 200R sub $1000 Gaming PC Build

Building a quality gaming rig doesn't take thousands of dollars if you choose your components carefully. With this in mind I set out to build a gaming rig that could handle any of today's games including Crysis 3 for under $1000. I priced the entire build out on Newegg and came in at $937.92 before tax and shipping. Let's start the build and take a look at the components I chose.




I started the build off by installing the Intel Core i5 3275P processor into the Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD3H motherboard. I chose this processor and not an unlocked K series because I will not be overclocking. It is a quad core 3.1GHz Ivy Bridge processor that will handle anything you throw at it.




Next I installed the backplate and standoffs for the Hydro Series H60 CPU cooler. I went with the H60 because I will not be overclocking the processor. If I was going to go with a K series and wanted to overclock I would have used a Hydro Series H80i or a H100i.




With the motherboard outside of the case I went ahead and installed our Vengeance 16GB dual channel DDR3 memory Kit (CMZ16GX3M2A1600C10B). I chose that because it allows me to run any current game, and they also match the blue heatsinks on the motherboard.




The CX Series Modular CX600M PSU was then installed into the Carbide Series 200R case. I chose this power supply because it is modular which means less clutter and it has plenty of power to run the video card I chose.




After installing the I/O shield in the 200R I then installed the motherboard into the case. Then I made all the required power and front panel connections. This included the front panel USB 3.0.




With the motherboard installed I could then install the radiator and fan of the H60 to the case and the install the pump head and water block onto the processor. I then plugged the pump and fan into the motherboards fan headers.




Next I slid the Neutron Series 128GB SSD into the tooless SSD cage on the 200R, and connected the power and SATA cables.




The last component to be installed was the ASUS HD7850 video card. I chose this video card because it has a great bang for buck performance and will be able to handle any of today's games.




With the machine built the last thing to do was cable management. The 200R and CX550M included plenty of zip ties to make it look very clean and clutter free.




The 200R was very easy to build in and the entire build took me less than 2 hours. This means I have more time for gaming! As a bonus with the video card I received a free copy of Bioshock Infinite and Tomb Raider. Although I am really anxious to see how this thing handles Crysis 3!!


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