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Voyager Air 2: Corsair's Best Kept Secret

The original Voyager Air debuted over a year ago and offered a way to solve one of the biggest problems with modern mobile devices; storage capacity. The average phone or tablet comes with somewhere between 16-64GB of storage space, which may seem like enough at first, but for most power users this becomes insufficient pretty quickly. Between apps, games, and your own recorded videos and pictures, you may not have enough room left for your music library and a season of your favorite TV show or movies for a long trip. This is where the Voyager Air comes in.


Voyager Air allows you to bring up to a terabyte of storage anywhere you go. It creates its own Wi-Fi hotspot which allows up to 5 mobile devices to connect to it. Once connected, users can wirelessly stream audio and video, or transfer files back and forth from their device to the Voyager Air.


We have just launched a new version of the Voyager Air, aptly called “Voyager Air 2,” which has received a facelift, a more streamlined connectivity feature set, and more competitive pricing. The original Voyager Air will still be available, so if you require more connectivity, you still have the option. On the front of the Voyager Air 2 you will find four indicator lights for Power, Charging, Battery and WIFI. The Power and WIFI indicators on the ends are actually buttons which will allow you to toggle both power and Wi-Fi on/off. On the back of the unit you will find a USB 3.0 port for fast transfer speeds and charging in addition to a port for standard wall charging (wall charger is sold separately). In the past the Voyager came in two versions, 500GB and 1TB, while the new Voyager Air 2 is solely available in a 1TB version.


If you are wondering about specs, the Voyager Air 2 is equipped with a 6200 mAH rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery, that will give you enough juice for up to 7 hours of video playback and the Wi-Fi supports 802.11 b/g/n, so any device that supports Wi-Fi should be able to find it without a problem.



In my own use, I have found that the Voyager Air 2 is perfect for long flights, especially if you are travelling with other people. It is also great if you have a large music collection that does not fit on your phone. I like to keep mine in my car which allows me to wirelessly connect to it and play songs through my stereo’s Bluetooth connection. A lot of people are using cloud services these days, but I am not completely sold on the “cloud,” especially when you are on the move. Maybe I’m just “old school,” but if I have to choose between trusting a 3rd party and using my mobile bandwidth versus a portable hardware “cloud” that is fully under my control, I’ll go with the hardware every time.


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