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You thought these two weeks were all about Computex and E3? HA! Some web sites have more important things to do... like reviewing Corsair products!!

We'll kick this week's roundup off with a review of the Raptor K40 keyboard. Sure, Corsair is on top of their game when it comes to mechanical keyboards, but not everyone likes the "clickety-clackety" feel of the Cherry MX switches. Some will even say they're as old school as a Smith Corona typewriter (ding!). Well, for those who have decided that rubber-dome keys are truly an evolution of the keyboard, Corsair offers the K40 and the folks over at Hexus were nice enough to share some kind words about it.


With three different profiles that one can use to program the six macro keys, a Windows lock key, contoured WASD and arrow keys, Hexus acknowledges that this keyboard is for the gamer. The quiet gamer that doesn't click and clack as they sneak up behind their target. BLAMMO! OMG! Was that friendly fire? I don't know..... Never heard it coming.

The K40 also allows the user to choose their backlighting from a huge array of colors thanks to the software controlled RGB lighting. Like chartreuse? Yeah... we can do that. Appliance off-white? Umm... not so much.

Hexus.net gave us a "Hexus Approved" award, which we accept with great honor as the "hobo unsure" award filled us with despair as he used our keyboard to fan the flames of his fire barrel. Cheers all around.


For our next keyboard review, we go up 30 digits to the Vengeance K70. This time, a mechanical keyboard featuring Cherry keys. "Vengeance" is a word that comes from Anglo-French roots and it means "to kick the inferior ones in the posterior". No wonder Corsair chose this name for their line of gaming peripherals.

Anandtech had a look at the K70 and said, "the Vengeance K70 is one of the best made keyboards that we have ever seen."


Now, keep in mind that the K70 does NOT feature programmable keys or the ability to change LED color (though LED brightness can be adjusted). While this may seem like a negative, I can tell you from my own experience (I use a Cherry MX Brown K70) that some people prefer the classic QWERTY and that sometimes extra keys just get in the way. Then again, I was playing Quake and Warcraft (not II, II or WOW) back when most of you guys were teething on your daddy's car keys and there was no such thing as macro keys. We used to have to map (or bind) regular keys... in the snow... uphill.. both ways... GET OFF MY LAWN!! If you're looking for programmable macros and the ability to change LED colors, that's what the K95 is for.

Speaking of the K95... Tom's Hardware Guide did a review of the K95. No.. not the K95 RGB. That comes later. Stop asking about it. GET OFF MY LAWN!!!

The invisible Intern Phil was asked to switch out the WASD keys on their K95 review sample. "Look ma! No hands!"

The K95 features 18 macro keys. EIGHTEEN! Can you believe it? That's a higher number than the amount of White Castile sliders I could possibly eat in one sitting. All of the keys are Cherry MX Red and are backlit with white LEDs that you can control the brightness of. Yeah, it's a big keyboard, but when you're playing with the big boys with your four 28" 4K monitors, surely you have enough desk space for a K95, mouse, mouse pad and a two liter beer stein! THG says "it offers users a lot for their money. The keyboard is functional and comfortable, and although it arguably has too many extra keys, that's way better than not enough."

Moving away from keyboards and into the realm of SSDs.....

Hardware Heaven ran a few benchmarks on our latest SSD: The Force LX. They used the 256GB Force LX in particular, and of it they said, "the Force LX will be a solid entry in the Corsair SSD range offering a good option for those looking to move from a traditional mechanical drive to something faster." That's right. Move AWAY from traditional mechanical drives. All you steam punk guys keep doing what you're doing because you actually LIKE being behind the technology curve. Yeah... you know who you are.

Vortez.net also reviewed the Force LX. Of it, they said "truth be told for the price, we were pleasantly surprised. Not only did the Force LX beat some of the more expensive drives soundly..." and in their summary stated, "Embarrassing much more expensive solid state drives, the Corsair Force LX 256GB offers tremendous 'bang per buck' which makes it an ideal upgrade choice for those still equipped with mechanical drives." Yeah.. those other, much more expensive solid state drives aren't even showing up for prom because of Force LX. That's what I'm saying....


Storage Review also had a look at the Force LX and proved that "the Force Series LX SSDs are designed for new users as well as those that are on a budget looking to upgrade from their HDD-based rig to an SSD without paying a premium price-point." They also proved that they are WAY better at making graphs in Excel than I am. I mean... LOOK AT THE GRAPHS! Holy crap!


No, that's not a digital hand making a grab at your still beating heart... OR IS IT?!? "KALI MA SHAKTI DE!"

So that's it for the reviews from the last couple of weeks. If you're looking for reviews of some really new product, you're going to want to stay tuned. Corsair really hit it out of the park during Computex by introducing the new HXi Series of power supplies, the Carbide Series Air 240, Graphite Series 780T and 380T chassis and the HG10 GPU cooler, among other hardware. It's only a matter of time before reviews for those products start popping up!


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