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Neutron and Neutron GTX Review Recap

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The Neutron Series GTX and Neutron Series SSDs are making a big splash, being the first solid-state drives on the consumer market to use the Link-A-Media LAMD SSD flash processing unit (FPU) or SSD controller. Both are garnering awards at review sites around the globe. Many of the top review sites on the planet have reviewed one or both Neutron Series drives and the results are stellar. We have compiled a few of them here from Legit Reviews, Hexus, Real World Labs, [H]ARDOCP, TweakTown, Anandtech, and KitGuru.






Nathan and Joe over at Legit Reviews recently posted a Neutron review. (Side note; Get well soon Joe!) The Neutron came out at or near the top in several of their tests. In their Real World Tests segment, the Neutron is number 1. Here's what Joe had to say;

Install Results: "We were actually a little surprised to see the file copy times for the Neutron to the best in our comparison on the JPG files and in the top for the MP3 files."




Click on the Legit Reviews logo to read the entire review.



Hexus reviewer Parm Mann expressed a similar sentiment shown in other reviews and praised Corsair for releasing an SSD based on an entirely new controller. Here's a bit from his conclusion:

It seems every man and his dog is producing high-speed consumer SSDs. But putting together a drive that's genuinely new takes some doing, and that's exactly what Corsair has achieved with the Neutron Series and Neutron Series GTX.

Click on the Hexus log to read the complete review.



Our friends over at Real World Labs recently put the 240GB Neutron and 240GB Neutron GTX through their paces in 2 excellent reviews. Each drive received the Real World Performance award after performing very well in the review process.




Kyle Bennett and his staff SSD reviewer, Hugh Briggs, gave the Neutron GTX the [H] Editor's Choice Enthusiast Silver award and had the following to say.

"The Corsair Neutron GTX owns the top of the charts for the time being with superb performance across the board, specifically in steady state usage. With the convergence of enterprise class features, massive performance, and consumer pricing, the Corsair Neutron GTX will be hard to beat..."

Click the [H] logos to read the Neutron and Neutron GTX reviews.


blog_neutron-series-review-recap-Content-3.JPG.85b0dd48e01a11c20100849df841aa52.JPG blog_neutron-series-review-recap-Content-10.JPG.8c8694d6defd693586b26ec0d776931d.JPG


Anand over at Anantech is renowned for his thorough SSD testing and insight. The Neutron GTX reviewed very well there and Anand seemed to like it based on his conclusion.

The LM87800 controller proved to be very potent in my testing, ending up near or at the very top of most of our benchmarks.

Click the Anandtech logo to see the review.




TweakTown SSD reviewer Chris Ramseyer also reviewed both drives. His testing, like the others here, showed just how good the Neutron and Neutron GTX drives really are. He also had high praise for the firmware develpment and general stability and performance.

So far Neutron and Neutron GTX feel like products that are already mature. The current firmware on the release drives is 206 and the Computex drives were using 1.3 so a lot of work has went into LAMD's Amber controller in a fairly short amount of time. Given the early issues with some of the other controllers on the market LAMD assured us that Amber wouldn't release half-baked and it appears they truly meant it.

Click the TT logo to see the review.




KitGuru SSD reviewer Zardon was similarly impressed after testing both the Neutron and Neutron GTX drives. In awarding the KitGuru Must Have award, they said some very nice things about these drives.

Neutron IOPS performance is simply outstanding, capable of sustaining random 4k read/write levels between 83,000 and 86,000. These are some of the highest results we have recorded yet from a consumer level solid state solution and certainly a primary characteristic worth considering if you are contemplating a purchase...We weren’t expecting OCZ’s Vertex 4 to come under threat so soon, but the Neutron is a serious contender for top position.

Click the KitGuru logo to see the review.




More and more reviews are popping up weekly from the most talented and qualified reviewers around and the results are inescapable.. The Neutron and Neutron GTX SSDs are heavy weight contenders in the SSD arena. Check out these reviews and many more and give serious consideration to the Neutron series for your next SSD purchase.


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