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Corsair Vengeance Pro Series Memory

The new Vengeance Pro Series memory, that we launched at Computex 2013 last week, offers superior overclocking on the just release Intel Haswell processors. Vengeance Pro Series modules are built using an 8 layer PCB and highly screened memory ICs. Combining these features with the new aggressive heat spreader will allow these modules to reach frequencies never before seen.


blog_corsair-vengeance-pro-series-memory-Content-1.png.579501017b4ed1f5543e6c4ff7b29901.png blog_corsair-vengeance-pro-series-memory-Content-2.png.06106301d60da946d53042b97f3a3b46.png blog_corsair-vengeance-pro-series-memory-Content-3.png.85a42e5750b359e3979bff41e3a40c66.png


Vengeance Pro memory is fully compatible with both 3rd Generation Core and 4th Generation Core processors as well as XMP 1.3 profiles. It will be available in red, silver and blue to match today's popular motherboards. To learn more about Vengeance Pro Series memory click here.


blog_corsair-vengeance-pro-series-memory-Content-4.png.14b42c06a02a87c7c532d775598f66e5.png blog_corsair-vengeance-pro-series-memory-Content-5.png.7d4e55366847c00dd05c69c1a7155b80.png blog_corsair-vengeance-pro-series-memory-Content-6.png.d3d2a81d2a1199ea07d040b4d596e587.png


Check out some overclocking results with our new Vengeance Pro memory. Here is a single Vengeance Pro 2933MHz module running at over 3600MHz!




Here is our ultra fast Vengeance Pro 8GB 3200MHz Cas 11 kit!




For even more results be sure to watch the video from Computex OC Main Event sponsored by Intel and Corsair. You'll see several Vengeance Pro Seies memory modules running at over 4000MHz!!


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