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Corsair Neutron Series GTX SSD Firmware Testing Results

The Neutron Series GTX SSDs are the flagship of the Corsair SSD lineup. In recent months we've moved from using 24nm NAND to 19nm NAND in these drives due to the industry transition to smaller process NAND. We also developed new firmware for both the existing 24nm based Neutron GTX drives and for the newer 19nm based Neutron GTX drives.




Any time we release new SSD firmware, customers typically ask two questions. The first is, should I update my drive? Our standard answer to that is if your system is fast and stable, we suggest that you do not update your drive. There are no stability related fixes or bug fixes in the recent M208/M310 firmware releases so customers that are happy, fast, and stable may not want to apply the updates.

Their second question is usually will this firmware update improve my drive performance. Based on our performance testing results shown here and with our usage in the lab, the answer is yes! There are some performance gains to be had by updating to to the new firmware.

So, we do believe that using the new Corsair SSD Toolbox to update your Neutron Series GTX to the new firmware is a great idea. Take a look at these performance numbers for the Neutron GTX and update without fear.




The 19nm NAND used in the Neutron Series GTX SSDs has the same P/E rating of 3000 which is the same as the previous 24nm NAND. So, there are no concerns about longevity and our vaunted 5 year warranty still stands.

SSD enthusiasts know that with process shrinks there is the potential for performance differences in the NAND. We've done this same type of head to head testing across our entire SSD line. There have in fact been some minor changes in our SSD specifications. We have updated our website and notified all retailers of all Corsair SSDs that had specification/performance changes. As you can see above, the 19nm NAND used in the Neutron Series GTX SSDs is an excellent performer and these drives remain among the best performing SSDs you can buy.


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