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Corsair Goes Mobile with Voyager Air and USB Flash Drives

I remember that back in my grade school days, a field trip was a real treat. Even if the place we visited was not all that interesting, at least it was a day out of school. The best trips of course were those that were in fact fun and interesting.




I took a field trip away from work a few days ago and visited some friends that run Sound Proof, a high-end car stereo shop located close to me. The owners, Larry and Randy Weaver, have come a long way since starting up from scratch in a small strip mall back in 1990. These days, you are very likely to see a Bentley, Ferarri, a custom boat, or some other expensive and very out of the ordinary vehicle in their work bays receiving the very best in today's mobile entertainment gear.

This trip was fun for me because it got me out of the office and those guys are always good for a fun conversation. I've actually visited them several times recently and we talked at length about the new Corsair Voyager Air. My mind started immediately thinking about our mobility products and how they would compliment some of the types of systems these guys work with.

Mobile entertainment Shangri La!




On this day, I brought with me a Voyager Air and several of the more popular USB flash drives from the Corsair lineup. I wanted to test the drives with the latest and greatest head units from the top manufacturers. Just a few short years ago, it was quite a task to utilize any form of portable storage, your mobile music collection, and a car head unit. These days, virtually every mid-range and high-end head unit from the top manufacturers has a USB input.

128GB of storage capacity and a Sony head unit make for good times. Of course, a little heavy metal helps too.




The Corsair Flash Voyager Slider USB 3.0 looks great in this blue themed Kenwood unit.




If you are frequently on the go, the automobile can be a rough and tumble environment. The Flash Survivor Stealth USB 3.0 is the perfect ultra-durable option and compliments this Alpine head unit.




Most of the units, like this one seen here, have customizable lighting options. If you like the idea of a small drive with lots of space, our Flash Voyager Mini is the drive for you and looks awesome in this well lit Pioneer unit.




Double DIN sized video touch screen units are very popular these days. 128GB of Flash Voyager GT sits well with this Kenwood unit.




This particular Kenwood unit is so smart, it figured out just how cool the Voyager Air drive is all on its own.




The flexibility of the Voyager Air is unparalleled in the realm of mobile media storage. I'm sure that we'll be seeing Sound Proof and high-end stereo shops everywhere coming up with unique ways to integrate a Voyager Air into these superb vehicles and their custom audio and video systems.




Do yourself a favor. Take a field trip soon and check out some new ways to entertain yourself. It's good for the soul.

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