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Corsair Accelerator Series SSD Software Update September 19, 2012 Version

CORSAIR Technical Marketing

The Corsair Accelerator Series SSD cache drive software has been updated. The newest version now includes support for caching a secondary HDD. You can download the newest version of the Dataplex software, version from NVELO.




You will need the information you provided for your original software registration, including your Dataplex product key, to enable the new download.




If you are an existing user of the Accelerator software, you will need to manually uninstall your current Dataplex software using your control panel, remove programs function. If you need assistance uninstalling your Dataplex software, Microsoft provides excellent How To instructions. Once you have uninstalled the old software, simply install the version using these instructions.

Here are the Dataplex release notes for version




Also, you may want to read the Dataplex Limitations notice.




Thank you for choosing Corsair Accelerator as your HDD caching solution. If you need any assistance, please contact Corsair Technical Support.

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