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Binge TV Watching and the Voyager Air

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"Binge Watching" of TV shows is a hot phrase these days. It seems like every other week I see a new list of the best shows to binge watch, and Forbes has declared that "Binge Watching is Our Future." Netflix has helped, releasing seasons of shows like Arrested Development and Orange Is The New Black all at once, instead of one episode per week. But binge watching has been happening in one form or another for a long time — dating back to the (ancient) days when people would program their VHS deck to record weekly shows and sit down to watch them later, a stack of boxy tapes and plenty of snacks on the coffee table.


I've been a serious binge watcher for a long time. (I am not ashamed to admit that I recorded and watched, and re-watched, all of Hill Street Blues and entire seasons of The Larry Sanders Show on VHS tape years ago). More recently, in a previous job I found myself making frequent trips to Europe, and part of my essential travel gear was a carry-on bag with a portable DVD player, a backup battery, headphones and a book of discs. After a while I learned how to convert my DVDs into XVID AVI files, and found a portable DVD player that could play data discs (which could each hold 10-15 episodes). Then I transitioned to using a mobile device, starting with an iPhone — boy that screen is small - then moving to a Kindle Fire and now an iPad.




So why is this relevant? Because the Voyager Air is the ultimate accessory for binge watchers like me. I'm biased, of course. As the Product Manager I've been living with it for about two years now, taking the project from idea to production and beyond (we've got lots of cool stuff in the works now, but it's still too soon to talk about it). And as an experienced binge watcher I was able to focus the team on what mattered — long battery life (in real world conditions), excellent wireless performance with 720p HD content, and a software interface that was designed to make it really simple to find and enjoy your media. If you are a binge watcher, the Voyager Air can be your new best friend.

One of my goals in the next few months is to help users learn how to get more out of the Voyager Air:

  • On family road trips and vacations to try and keep everyone happy (or at least stop them from asking "Are We There Yet?" every 5 minutes)
  • How to integrate Voyager Air into your home network to make it more useful when you are not on the go
  • How to batch-convert videos to a tablet-friendly format using the free program Handbrake
  • How to record videos from Netflix, Amazon Instant, or TV network websites using a program called PlayLater

... and lots more. Stay tuned!


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