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Binge TV Watching and the Voyager Air - Part 2

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In my last blog post I made the bold claim that the Voyager Air is the ultimate accessory for TV binge watchers like me. This week I'll try and explain more about why it's so great.



1. 1TB capacity

In a world where mobile device capacity is limited (and expensive), having a Voyager Air with 1TB of available storage is huge. This means I can carry my entire MP3 music collection, hundreds of family photos (including snapshots of the newborn twins!), lots of 720p movies (some new, some favorites), and multiple seasons of TV shows with me. I don't need to agonize about what I want to watch on my next trip — I have lots and lots (and lots) of choices.



And don't get me started about "the cloud." I am a big believer in the power of the cloud – I have Dropbox, Google Drive and Sky Drive on my laptop, my phone and my tablet.  And I like the Amazon MP3 Player, with access to digital copies of the hundreds of CDs I've purchased from them in the past few years. But the cloud has some BIG limitations. (1) It isn't free. 5GB to 10GB is nice for documents, and decent for music, but it isn't nearly enough to hold video. (2) Access to the cloud for video either uses 4G data plan minutes, which are expensive, or Wi-Fi, which is NOT available everywhere. Someday the cloud will be where everyone stores everything. But not today.


2. Battery Life and Power

The Voyager Air battery can stream video for up to seven hours. In the real world, not just in "unrealistic specification land".  And without requiring that I set aside 1-2GB of space on my iPad to cache the movie or show I'm watching. Which means I can get through three full-length movies, or almost a dozen TV episodes, on my next long international flight - more than enough to keep a binge watcher like me happy. And I can recharge the Voyager Air from the wall, from the car, or using USB. (USB charging is slower, since the wall/car can charge at 2 amps while USB power is much more limited, but it does work).




3. High-performance wireless streaming

Watching a 720p show, even one encoded at a high bit rate (like those purchased from iTunes), doesn't mean putting up with stuttering video. The Voyager Air has a high-performance wireless card inside that delivers consistent bandwidth (quality of service) while streaming. 

Wireless interference can be an issue, as it is with any wireless device, but knowing how to change the channel, and how to detect which channels are less crowded (the Android App "WiFi Analyzer" is indispensible), gives me the tools to deal with it.






4. Convenient App features

There are a couple of features in the Voyager Air app that make it much easier to be a happy binge watcher. The one I use the most is "Resume," which lets me pick up where I stopped on a show or movie. Another is "Recent" , which lets me avoid searching through the files and folders to find a recently-accessed file.

I hope I've made my point without being too obnoxious. If you couldn't tell, I am a big believer in the Voyager Air. I use it all the time. And I want to tell its story, to help others understand how it works and why it's so good. Is it perfect? Goodness no. There are always ways to make a product better, and we have a long list.


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