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RM vs. RMi vs. HXi

This month, the RMi was introduced in 650W, 750W, 850W and 1000W varieties. This new product line falls between the existing RM and HXi product lines. 

At Corsair, we get a lot of feedback about how the large quantity of PSU product lines can be somewhat confusing.  We understand, but with the many levels of efficiency and feature sets such as cable modularity and Link compatibility, and then of course the necessity to hit certain price points, creates the need for a number of different product series.

This blog is to help clear up how the RMi is different, as well as what ways it is the same as either RM or HXi.


RM vs. RMi Similarities

Both the RM and RMi are/have:

•80 Plus Gold
•Fully Modular
•Zero RPM up to 40% Load
•Corsair Designed Static Pressure 135mm Fan
•Silent Component Selection to Minimize “Coil Whine” Issues
•LLC Resonant Mode Topology with DC to DC for Non-Primary Rails


RM vs. RMi Differences

These are the differences between the RM and RMi:

RM Series: RMi Series:
•5 Year Warranty •7 Year Warranty
•Only Japanese Primary Cap •ALL Japanese Capacitors
•Rated for Full Output at 40°C
•Rated for Full Output at 50°C
•Rifle Bearing Fan •Fluid Dynamic Bearing Fan
•Analog Output for Link •Digital Output for Link
•Only Monitors +12V Load and Fan Speed •Monitor Power In, Out, Efficiency, Voltages, Fan Speed and Temperature
•Single +12V Rail, Non-Configurable •Multiple +12V Rail by Default.  Switchable to Single +12V Rail using Link software

RMi vs. HXi Similarities/Differences

The RMi and HXi are very similar, with the only difference between the two series being that the RMi is 80 Plus Gold certified and the HXi is 80 Plus Platinum certified.


Corsair recognizes that different users have different requirements when shopping for a power supply. For some, Platinum efficiency is more desirable than Gold efficiency. And some people appreciate the added control and monitoring capabilities of the Corsair Link software, while others just want a reliable, fully modular, 80 Plus Gold product without a lot of frills.

We hope this short article has cleared up any questions anyone may have about the new RMi power supply series.



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