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Review Roundup: Week ending 6/20

It's Friday and we're back again with a round-up of Corsair reviews from the week ending 6/20/2014.

Today we have a couple reviews of the AX1500i from the Netherlands and China and a couple reviews of the new Force LX 256GB SSD.


Over at Hardware.Info, the AX1500i gets hooked up to their bank of Statron load generators, which allows them to put a full 1500W static load on the PSU.

After everything was said and done, the AX1500i walked away with Hardware.Info's Gold Award.


They found the unit smoothly delivered 1500W of power and did so with very low noise, ripple AND fan noise. They said that the AX1500i was by far the best PC power supply they've ever tested.

China's Chip Hell also reviewed the AX1500i. These guys are crazy thorough. Not only do they use a load tester to test power supplies, they take the power supply apart way farther than any other review site. They rated the AX1500i as beyond awesome and actually "God Like" (their words, not mine), and gave it a Recommended award!


Now for some SSD reviews! Specifically, the new Corsair Force LX. A couple of the 256GB versions were reviewed this week, so we'll start with Legit Reviews.


After four synthetic tests and two real world tests to evaluate the drive. The end result is the awarding of the Legit Reviews' Value Award.


"If you are looking for a great performing drive, while keeping the price low, the Corsair Force LX is a great choice."

Guru 3D also published a review of the Force LX. They threw EVEN MORE tests at the drive, resulting in an 18 page review (and I thought I was talkative).

In the end, Guru 3D "Recommended" the Force LX.

"We give the 256GB Corsair Force LX our recommended award as it offers a nicely balanced ratio in-between performance and value. Read performance is exceptionally good, write performance is just good, by todays standards."


"The product itself offers very good performance. And sure, a more expensive model might be 100 MB/sec faster in write performance, but really at these performance levels you'll be hard-pressed to notice any difference in real-world performance anyway."


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