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Over the course of the last year, the Corsair power supply line up has changed quite a bit. This has brought up some questions. Dare I say, it's also caused some confusion. In particular, the fact that amongst our 80 Plus Gold certified offerings, we threw the fully modular RM Series in the mix with a semi-modular "Professional Series" PSU, the HX Series. We never intended the RM to replace the HX, but did see the added value of making the RM fully modular. Furthermore, Corsair Link has matured considerably since the introduction of the HX Series, so we are able to offer some Link features on our newest PSUs that are of mid-range quality and higher moving forward.

We put together this matrix of our current power supply product to help answer some questions about what makes each series different from the next.


Since we're able to offer PSU product with 80 Plus Gold efficiency at the price of some Bronze units, we discontinued both GS and TX products. They have been replaced with two 80 Plus Gold units: the CS-M and the RM.

The primary differences between the CS-M and the RM is that the CS-M is semi-modular and has a smaller, sleeve bearing fan and is semi-modular; meaning that the 24-pin and 8-pin CPU power connector cables are fixed, while all of the other cables are removable. The RM series has a larger, 140mm fan with a rifled bearing. The RM is also fully modular (all DC output cables are removable) and is able to report +12V load and fan speed to Corsair's Link software.


While the HX is still only semi-modular and is 80 Plus Gold as well, it remains in the line up as part of our "Professional Series", which includes the AX and AXi. The fan is upgraded to a dual ball bearing fan, all Japanese capacitors are used internally and the unit is rated to output continuous power even at ambient temperatures as high as 50°C.


Finally, there is the AX and AXi series of power supplies. These are 80 Plus Platinum rated and are fully modular with a dual ball bearing fan. The primary difference between the AX and AXi is that the AXi uses a digital signal processor (DSP), so the voltage regulation is tighter and there is less ripple than conventional power supplies. The AX1500i is the exception to this. It's still digital like other AXi power supplies, but gets further upgrades such as the fluid dynamic bearing fan and the efficiency meets 80 Plus's standards for Titanium efficiency.


The two page PDF that shows our current power supply offerings can be downloaded here.

At Corsair, we want to offer a product assortment that meets our customers' demands. Sometimes, that may mean an overlapping of some features. In the future, we hope to bring better efficiency product to lower price points and add more Link capabilities to our enthusiast and professional level products.


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