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One very important thing necessary to keep any competitive activity alive is a supply of up and coming young talent. So far in our Meet the Overclockers series, we've featured some of the more established "elder statesmen" of extreme OCing. Now it's time to meet one of the young guns, Goddy Roodt.



Goddy is known online as "ViVi" and hails from Capetown, South Africa. At 23 years old, he's made quite a splash in the OCing ranks the past few years even when taking forced breaks for school. At any given time, you'll see him popping up at or near the top of the HWBOT rankings or on the podium at the major OCing events. Here's our Q/A with him. Enjoy!

Q1: Why did you begin OCing. 

A: The same way most of us do! We crave a little bit more FPS in our game (my game was Crysis..). Then it begins, first air, then water, then cold water.. and so on until you reach ultimate max, liquid nitrogen cooling.



Q2: Describe the very first system you Oced. 

A: It was a system my Dad had me build. He said I could get a new computer under the condition that I build it myself. So i did some research and in the end i bought a Core 2 duo E6850 system. I quickly realized to get better performance i needed a quad core, Q6600 was next, then it just went up and up from there.



Q3: What is your very best 24/7 OC.

A: Funny enough I do not do any 24/7 oc'ing at all, but I have an amazing 4770k that could do 5ghz 24/7 if that counts! I only overclock for scores, stock speed is fine for my 3D work :D.

Q4: ? What OCer or OCers have influenced you the most?

A: In my starting years the big names were Kingpin and Hipro5. They were my international influences at the beginning, once I got started locally Seth, Traxx and 1Day were my biggest mentors! I had an OC dip near the end of high school, but luckily Drweez held the South African fort and inspired me to get back into it again.



Q5: What do you do for a living? 

A: I'm a 3D visual effects artist at BlackGinger, I specialize in hair and fur! I use Houdini. It's my plan to work my way up the ranks then make a movie one day. Dragonballz is definitely on my list to remake properly.



Q6: How do you feel about the overclocking scene at the moment? 

A: I'm very excited about the future of overclocking. Many users think it will die when tablets take over but i think it's just getting started. Manufacturers are all joining in with live competitions and events. Normally there was a time of year when overclocking would be a little quiet, but that time is over, overclocking is booming all year round now.



Q7: What do you think about corsair products for overclockers?

A: Excellent. When i started overclocking i was looking for a good kit of memory, and i fell in love with corsairs dominator 2000 c8 range, that was designed for socket 775. After that i tried their power supplies and have not looked back since. The Dominator range has survived every Memory Manufacturers IC, with a good kit in each generation.



Q8: What advice would you give to a person that is wanting to get into extreme OCing for the first time?

A: My advice would be, do some research online to find the best / most fun components to overclock. Any K series CPU is a good start. Then start experimenting with better cooling, use your aircon, use your fish pump, get some ICE and start experiencing higher clocks with better temperature. Eventually the bug will bite and the next thing you know you are buying dry ice and liquid nitrogen.



Q9: What is the most common misperception or criticism about extreme OCing that you have heard? 

A: I hear this at every live event I do “Can you play games on it?” “Did you blow anything up yet?” “How is this practical?”


#1. Of course you can! But its not practical at all :P.

#2. Extreme cooled systems are surprisingly stable, and when something dies it's a sad silent death, no explosions sorry :(.

#3. It isn't! It's a hobby and a sport, practiced for a certain amount of time to achieve a good score then put back on air /water for 24/7 use.



Q10: What is your personal favorite or absolute best OC ever? 

A: I always go back to my “glory days “ with a gem E8600 I had, that cpu and all those scores were lovely. It could do 6600mhz and its the cpu that got me noticed in the overclocking world. But that all changed in 2013 when I found a new gem, my 4770k. So my best OC i would bring up one of my most recent submissions, Cinebench R11.5 at 6.42ghz, it was really tough to get and I'm not sure I will get that frequency again for such a high load benchmark. I'm also proud of my 3rd place 3dmark2001se score at 185k after discovering some new enhancements.



Q11: Tell us one interesting thing about you not related to PCs. 

A: I'm an extreme cat lover. My old cat Daisy R.I.P was in almost all my OC pics just because she happened to walk near it every time i take a picture. My GF's new cat who stays at my house during the week is called Ludo and he is starting to do the same stuff! You will see more of him soon, I assure you I will annoy you with pictures of him.


 We'd like to thank Goddy (and Ludo) for taking the time to share his questions and answers with us and for the great pictures.


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