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Introducing the AX1500i Digital Power Supply

During CES this year, Corsair introduced the new AX1500i power supply. The most technologically advanced and efficient PSU that an enthusiast can buy. It's fully digital (DSP), fully modular, exceeds Ecova's newest 80 Plus Titanium efficiency standard and is capable of putting out 1500W continuously, even at temperatures as high as 50°C. We are proud to announce that this power supply is finally available for sale to the public via the Corsair web store. Units will be available at other retail outlets at the end of next month.


The AX1500i comes with ten PCIe power connectors which can be used to provide power to quad-GPU systems; including those with additional PCIe power connectors on the motherboard.

Because of the 80 Plus Titanium efficiency, which is currently the highest efficiency Ecova certifies, the 1500W is capable of outputting its full capacity even when used on a typical 15A, North American household power outlet, and does so without generating as much heat as less efficient power supply units.


Many different means were used to achieve Titanium efficiency. Much of which could not be done without the full DSP topology. For example: We are able to do away with the typically implemented PFC bridge rectifier diode(s), which is what even the AX1200i uses, in favor of a bridgeless PFC circuit using the DSP.

Other changes that resulted in better efficiency is using the inrush current relay for the mains power switch instead of using the more traditional mechanical switch. We've moved from the traditional practice of using DC to DC off of the +12V to regulate the +5V and +3.3V and implemented a separate "power supply within a power supply" for the +5V which yields better efficiency under higher +5V loads. The +3.3V is then regulated off of the +5V using DC to DC which yields better efficiency than regulating off of the +12V.


The AX1500i uses a long life, fluid-dynamic bearing fan, which is much quieter than ball-bearing fan solutions. In addition, the AX1500i's fan remains in a silent, Zero-RPM mode for up to 30% load (at 25°C ambient temperatures). The fan blades are designed to deliver high static pressure to help push air through the tightly packed components. Even at full load, the maximum RPM for the fan is 1200 RPM, which has been measured at a noise level of 30dBA at independent ISO 7779:2010 audio labs.


Finally, the AX1500i supports the Corsair Link monitoring software. This gives the user the capability to monitor input power, output power, all voltages and fan speed. One can also fix the fan RPM (40% minimum) at a particular speed in order to maintain constant airflow through the PSU to avoid hearing the fan ramping up and down through multiple thermal conditions.


The Link software also allows the user to adjust or turn off OCP for each of the +12V outputs (PCIe and EPS12V. The +12V on the 24-pin and peripheral/SATA connectors have a fixed OCP point). This ensures safety from accidental shorting of the +12V while allowing the user to control the flow of power to higher end graphics cards, multiple CPU configurations, etc.

The reviews are already pouring in and we're happy to say that there are a lot of positive things being said about the AX1500i:

Hardware Heaven: "Building an enthusiast/ultra-high end system? Then quite simply this is the PSU for you."

OC3D: "...if you want the very best for your pair of 295X2's bank of GTX780 Ti's or your monster mining system then the Corsair AX1500i should be on your wish list and because of this it gets the OC3D Gold award."

TweakTown: "The AX1500i may not be a unit that redefines what it means to be an enthusiast grade power supply but it certainly takes the bar and elevates.  It’s harder, better, faster, stronger. It is the AX1500i and it is going to be the power supply of choice for those who demand nothing less than perfection.”

JonnyGURU.com: "Nothing currently on the market touches this unit. Nothing."

PC Perspective:  "To say we were impressed is an understatement – the Corsair AX1500i Digital has proven itself to be an outstanding power supply!"

With the AX1200i, the press said we set the bar high. But with new goals in place, Corsair was challenged to implement new ideas to achieve an even higher standard.


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