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CS Series Modular power supplies provide affordable, 80 Plus Gold efficiency, for 4th Generation Intel Core Processors

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Intel's 4th Generation Core Processors can enter a power saving sleep state, called C7, that can drop the +12V load from the power supply to the CPU's VRM to as low as 0.05A. For some power supplies, this extremely low load on the +12V rail can cause some power supplies to trip into a protection mode if the power supply is still required to deliver power to other components via the +3.3V and +5V rails.

The abovve picture shows the DC to DC VRM inside a CS Series Modular power supply

Corsair's CS Series Modular power supplies use DC to DC to regulate the +3.3V and +5V rails. The source of these non-primary rails is the +12V rail, so even if the CPU drops into the C7 sleep state and power consumed by the CPU is as low as 0.05A, a load remains on the +12V rail allowing the CS-M to properly regulate voltages and not enter a protective mode that will shut the PC off when either entering or exiting sleep mode.


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